Welcome to Dodge Industries

Dodge Industries Inc. was established in Washington State in 2012 to design, development and market innovative new products to address the unmet needs of today’s builders and homeowners. Our mission is to provide products By Builders for BuildersTM with the Made in the USA quality stamp. Specifically, our products are designed to bring quality and uniformity to the construction project, to provide immediate ergonomic benefits for the man in the field, to improve safety in areas where real risks exist, and to deliver cost savings to the job, whether it be for a professional or a do-it-yourselfer.

Dodge Industries’ flagship proprietary product line is the Dodge Hangers®, a stainless steel building construction connective hardware that brings solutions specifically to the installation of wall sheathingroof decking and a variety of siding products.  The hangers consist of (4) main designs in various sizes that relate to the size of the material being installed.  These designs are patent protected (see footer/below).  Current methods are inadequate, difficult, and often times dangerous, leaving the field wide open for innovations like the Dodge Hangers.

Long Standing Problem

Currently, the installation of plywood or similar sheathing or siding to buildings is done without the aid of fasteners, other than nails, in a non-uniform, labor intensive process. Common practice is for each sheet of sheathing or siding to be fitted by hand and nailed onto the structure, requiring more than one person to complete the install. Invariably, the material is installed unevenly at the bottom edge of the structure, because of the reliance on eye and hand. As such, material has to be cut off and errors hidden by trim, after the fact. In addition, if the sheathing or siding is improperly attached at the foundation mud sill level of the structure, then dry rot and insect infestation often occur and are responsible for substantial repair and litigation costs each year. Meantime, the decking of the roof with plywood or OSB is an extremely dangerous phase of construction, wherein a man literally holds the heavy sheathing in place by hand from a ladder or scaffolding or the top of the rafters before securing it to the structure with a hammer and nails. A high percentage of construction injuries occur from the movement of material during this phase. See the 6-minute video for current methodologies versus the Dodge Hanger method. 


Innovative and Cost Effective Solution

By bringing to market specially designed, metal sheathing and siding hangers that are easy to install on the structure, that provide a more accurate and uniform installation of the sheathing or siding materials with less labor, that improve the building inspection process, and that enhance safety and ergonomics for the worker on the job, Dodge Hangers will provide a unique, low cost, simple solution to long standing installation issues in these key phases of construction.

Dodge Hanger Other Application / Practical Uses:

1. Use as a plywood hanger on the exterior of the home to cover windows during storms and hurricanes.

2. Use as a hanger on fence posts to install fence planks

3. Use as an interior wall hanger for ordinary objects.


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