Revolutionize Your Construction Projects with Dodge Hangers


Unlock Efficiency and Durability in Construction

Discover the ultimate solution for your construction needs with Dodge Hangers. Our advanced construction anchors and innovative sheathing supports are designed to elevate your building projects, from OSB installations to robust roofing applications. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional builder, our products guarantee a seamless, storm-proof construction experience.


Why Choose Dodge Hangers?


- Advanced OSB Solutions: Our OSB sheathing and plywood solutions offer unparalleled support and durability. With Dodge Hangers, you'll find the perfect match for every project, ensuring your constructions are weather-resistant and built to last.

- James Hardie Siding Compatibility: Elevate your exteriors with our hardie board siding and fiber cement siding supports. Designed for easy installation and long-term reliability, our products complement James Hardie's excellence, making your siding projects more efficient and cost-effective.

- Roofing Excellence: Achieve superior roofing with our specialized hangers. Whether you're looking for metal roofing support or need reliable fasteners for roof repair, Dodge Hangers provide the security and durability your projects deserve.

- Siding Solutions for Every Home: From hardie board siding to modern fiber cement options, our siding solutions are crafted for ease and aesthetics. Secure your siding with confidence, knowing that every piece is supported by Dodge Hangers' strength.

- Essential Construction Tools: Our product range extends beyond hangers to include nails and construction productivity tools. From paslode nail guns to anti-slip installation aids, we provide everything you need for efficient construction attachments.


Experience the Dodge Hangers Difference


Explore our comprehensive range of products and see how we're transforming construction practices with innovative solutions like DIY wall mounting solutions and modern framing hardware. Visit our website and watch our sample video on how to install OSB roof decking using Dodge Hangers for a practical demonstration of our products in action.


Start Building Smarter Today


Embrace the future of construction with Dodge Hangers. Visit our product pages to learn more and take the first step towards more secure, efficient, and resilient building projects.





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