The Dodge Hanger Rear® (DHR) is part of a drop system that is designed to install the starter row of siding below the bottom edge of the sheathing to create a barrier at the mudsill.

Use the DHR to hang your siding if you installed your sheathing even or flush with the top of the foundation wall using the DHC0 and DHB no drop system.

Select the DHR with a saddle width that most closely fits the thickness of the siding material to be installed.

1. Place a DHR on the sheathing where it is no more than 6” from either end of the siding to be hung. Use (2) DHR’s on 5’ material or less. For material over 5’ long, we recommend (3) DHR’s, with the third DHR placed in the center.

2. Lightly hammer the quick-mount stab tab on the DHR into the sheathing to help hold the hanger in place.

 Install the DHR on the sheathing using Approved Fasteners*.

4. Place your siding on the DHR’s to hold the starter row of siding.


*Check your local building code.